Defeated for Senate, Todd Akin Compares Himself to a Cancer Patient

Todd Akin gave up his seat in the House of Representatives to run for Senate. (Source: U.S. House of Representatives)

To the surprise of no one, Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill thumped her opponent Todd Akin at the polls. McCaskill grabbed 55% of the vote to Akin’s 39%.

At one time, Akin was the frontrunner. Back in August, Akin sabotaged his campaign with his legitimate rape comment. Although Akin closed in on McCaskill in the polls, on Election Day it was not close. People walked into the voting booth and realized that they could not vote for man who felt that many women who are raped were really coaxing the man on as a siren. Akin went onto lose the women vote 57%-37%.

Akin’s unpopularity lead to a strange development at the polls. While McCaskill was coasting to victory, so did Mitt Romney win comfortably, 54%-44%. This means that sizeable numbers of Missouri voters went into the polling booth and cast a ballot for the Republican Romney for president and Democrat McCaskill for Senate. Altogether, 200,000 Missourians or 8% of the total, voted with no regard to ideology. This was entirely because seeing Akin’s name on the ballot was repulsive. This swing group was comprised of women over men by two to one. Again, to no surprise, women under 40 dominated this group, according to CNN exit polling.

On election night, we were once again treated to Akin’s eloquence. Akin painted himself as a martyred victim, instead of as a bumbling boob who can’t figure out how a woman gets pregnant. From the Huffington Post:

In his concession speech, Akin compared himself to people who have suffered from cancer, saying people like him “suffer of cancer, loss of a job, house, loved ones and they press on. They’re the backbone of America. When called, they’ll risk their lives for their country or their community, but they don’t think of themselves as particularly special. They don’t look to government for special deals, but they do think that the government should respect our hard-earned tax dollars that it collects. In short, they love God, they love their families and they love our country.”

The ill, unemployed and homeless are just like him, says Akin. I have begun to wonder if someone is drugging Akin. No one with a clear head is going to compare a botched political campaign to the agony of a cancer patient. About as close as Akin gets to being the backbone of America is…well, he is on the backside.

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