Iran’s New Turquoise Submarines

Iran’s old Russian subs weren’t colorful enough (Source: Department of Defense)

Periodically, Iran shows off its new military technology. Some of the technology has been suspect at times, causing critics to laud the Iranians photoshop skills.

The most recent show of muscle by the Iranians is their new submarines. They are supposed to be menacing to Iran’s enemies, namely Israel, the U.S. and unfriendly Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia. What the Iranians didn’t consider in this display is that turquoise submarines lack something in the fear department. Pretty and deadly is the message it appears that they are trying to convey.

Presumably, the turquoise color makes the submarines difficult to see when in the water. That means these subs are for relatively shallow waters because diving deep is even a better means of avoiding visual detection. A vessel doesn’t even have to go too deep before being lost from sight in the ocean depths.

Even then, visual sightings are not the means used to detect submarines. That’s why modern warfare relies on sonar. Turquoise or not, the color makes no difference against sonar detection.

So what’s the purpose? Shallow water operations and the hope that the opposing navy has their sonar turned off. That makes the concept a bit ridiculous. It’s cheaper if the Iranians just photoshop these ideas next time. Here’s an article from the Daily Mail with colorful photos.

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