Jester’s Court — November 16, 2012


The death of an Iranian blogger by torture leads to an outcry against The Iranian government.

The Taliban suggested that the family of Gen. David Petraeus’ mistress should stone him.

The Taliban accidentally included its entire PR email list in a press release.

Uruguay will start selling cannabis cigarettes in an effort to stamp out illegal drug use.

A district attorney in upstate New York admitted that he was a porn actor in the 1970s.

A Texas legislator wants Gov. Rick Perry drug tested.

The head of the Republican Party in Maine apologized for singling out the voting of African-Americans as an example of voter fraud. Charlie Webster said that he even has black friends with whom he plays basketball.

Despite every state having an online petition to secede, most Americans are strongly against it.

Five Congressional races remain too close to call.

The nasty Congressional race between Democrats Brad Sherman and Howard Berman is not over with Sherman’s victory. Sherman’s PAC bashed fellow Democrats in a bid to get independent and Republican votes. It’s not going over well with the Democratic Party.

A Virginia GOP official said that Barack Obama will “go to hell” when he dies.

The Air Force has decided to scrap a software project after spending $1 billion, concluding that finishing it would cost far too much more money for too little gain.

Texas Sen.-elect Ted Cruz: “I’m pretty certain Mitt Romney actually French-kissed Barack Obama.”

Rev. Franklin Graham: “We know that from of the statistics that I’ve heard that the majority of Christians in this country just did not vote for whatever reason. The vast majority of evangelicals did not go to the polls. God is in control, and if Christians are upset, they need to be upset at themselves. We need to do a better job of getting our people- the church to vote. Now, I’m not trying to tell you how to vote, you can vote, but vote, my goodness, and vote for candidates that stand for Biblical values.”

Lee Harvey Oswald’s girlfriend says that Oswald tried to save JFK, not kill him.

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn wants to trim non-essential Defense Department expenditures, starting with the beef jerky.

Don’t ask New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie about Twinkies.

The 11th or 14th Amendment?

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