Jester’s Court — November 23, 2012


Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has granted himself dictatorial-like powers.

Women in Saudi Arabia are now monitored by the government using an electronic system that tracks any cross-border movements, alerting their male guardians by text if they attempt to leave the country.

Vietnam and the Philippines have criticized China’s decision to include disputed South China Sea islands on maps printed inside new Chinese passports.

President Felipe Calderon wants to change the name of Mexico from “The United States of Mexico” to “Mexico.”

Israel has been hit with 44 million hacker attacks in the last few days.

Tennessee Rep. Scott DesJarlais, a staunch pro-life advocate, says that he won’t resign despite having been found to have supported an ex-wife’s two abortions.

The city manager in San Leandro, California, took a pay cut so as to give raises to the police chief and his assistant.

An island in the South Pacific is wiped from the maps after researchers discover it doesn’t exist.

Two California brothers, State Sen. Tom Berryhill and Assemblyman Bill Berryhill have been accused of laundering $40,000 in a scheme to dodge California’s tough limits on political contributions.

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