Jester’s Court — November 7, 2012


Puerto Rico to Congress: We want to be a state. 54% favor changing commonwealth status; 61% want statehood.

Republicans have already pinpointed the cause for Mitt Romney’s defeat. It was Chris Christie’s fault.

Donald Trump loses it, calls for a “revolution” and a march on Washington.

For the first time in 200 years, the U.S. has had three presidents reelected back to back.

Maine’s “World of Warcraft” State Senate candidate appears to have won.

Roseanne Barr placed fifth in the popular vote for president.

Gary Johnson ran the most successful Libertarian Party presidential campaign in its 41-year history.

On medical marijuana, Massachusetts passed an initiative approving its use, Arkansas narrowly voted it down, and Montana became the first state to restrict its use after legalizing it for medical purposes.

For legalization of marijuana, Colorado and Washington both passed measures enacting that while Oregon voters opposed it.

In Detroit, voters passed a law decriminalizing possession of one ounce.

In Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin was elected as the first openly gay senator.

California Rep. Pete Stark, lost his seat of 40 years to another Democrat.

Florida Rep. Allen West trails in an extremely tight race.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann appears to have narrowly won reelection.

In Illinois, disabled Iraqi war veteran Tammy Duckworth defeated controversial Rep. Joe Walsh.

In California, it’s Sherman over Berman in a Congressional race that cost $13 million but with no discernable ideological difference between the two.

The Tea Party found who to blame for the Republican defeats this election. It was the “weak moderate” Mitt Romney.

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio won reelection to a sixth term.

Barack Obama won 8 out the nation’s 10 richest counties.

The new bellweather? Guam residents have been holding a non-binding presidential vote that has predicted the next president since 1984.

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