Jester’s Court — November 9, 2012


Cuba state media: “U.S. elections: the worst one did not win.”

Minnesota had the nation’s highest voter turnout at 76%.

Before the election, white men were 53% of the Democrats in Congress and 86% of Republicans. In the new Congress, white men will be 46% of Democrats and 92% of Republicans.

Alabamans voted not to strike segregation from its constitution.

A candidate for the Oregon legislature nearly won election despite a $50 limit on campaign contributions.

George P. Bush has filed papers to run for state office in Texas.

After Mitt Romney’s concession speech Tuesday night, his campaign immediately began canceling credit cards. That left many staffers leaving Romney’s party trying to use canceled cards for taxis.

The coming war in Mali.

The mayor of Ankara, Turkey, is suing 600 people for insulting him on Twitter.

Apparently, Abigael Evans is a Bronco Bama fan.

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