Obama’s Turkey Pardon Now Viewed as Anti-Christian Conspiracy

It just keeps getting stranger. It makes sense that there are people who will oppose Barack Obama’s policies. This is a democracy, after all. Two sides, multiple sides — it’s all about differences and debate.

What keeps becoming more and more ridiculous is how those who hate Obama must demonize him. The latest incident bolsters the surreal belief that Obama is evil at heart. It involves, of all things, the presidential pardoning of a Thanksgiving turkey.

This is as big of a stunt as the lighting of the national Christmas tree. It’s big news for turkey ranchers and Christmas tree growers, but for the rest of America it is more a diversion from the political circus. But that is good. We need diversions, something to feel good about or laugh a little.

Unfortunately, the humorless have found another conspiracy onto which to rest their paranoia.

Watch this video of the President’s turkey pardon.

Shocking, isn’t it? Oh, wait, you didn’t catch the horrible deed. That’s probably because you don’t have your tinfoil cap on. The only way to see something sinister in this is a trip into crazy land.

Take a look at this blog, Fellowship of Minds, where the author notes that Obama conducted the Christian sign of the cross backwards, and with his left hand to boot!

Out of respect for the centuries-long Christian practice, no one makes the sign with the left hand. But yesterday, accompanied by his two daughters, Obama “pardoned” the turkey by using his left hand to make a mockery of the Sign of the Cross over the bird.

It’s his “F-You” to Christians.

These concerns seem to have struck a chord with those of a similar mind as the article’s shares and comments reflect. The video also has a list of comments criticizing Obama for mocking Catholics.

Somehow, it was forgotten that the presidential turkey pardon is a spoof of the presidential pardoning process itself. If Obama had really tried to do a sign of the cross and was serious about it, then that would be a mockery. Instead, he moved his left hand in a way only vaguely similar to the cross sign as. The entire scene with the turkey is a show with every president. It is nothing serious except to turkey farmers. It surely is not an attempt to undermine the Pope and Catholic Church.

Those who profess to be insulted are showing the same hypersensitivity found in many Muslims who take umbrage at the slightest disrespect to Allah and Muhammad.

If this is is a terrible insult, then those who pretend to be defending Christianity should also be upset about Christmas trees. The use of evergreen trees is nothing more than a pre-Christian winter solstice ritual of eternal life. It has zero to do with Jesus.

That’s too much logic for these people. They prefer to believe this is further evidence that Obama is a Muslim or the Antichrist. For them, its much easier to hate than to simply disagree on policy.

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One Response to Obama’s Turkey Pardon Now Viewed as Anti-Christian Conspiracy

  1. J Evans says:

    Turns out Obama is actually left-handed, not that it matters. Just a fun fact.


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