Wisconsin State Senator: Voter ID Laws would have let Mitt Romney Win

Give Wisconsin State Senator Alberta Darling credit. She just admitted that suppressing voter turnout is a good thing. At least she’s honest. To her benefit, she is only suggesting that to reduce fraud. Unfortunately, as study after study has found, there is very little voter fraud. If Darling’s right, that a voter ID law in Wisconsin that requires photos would have changed the outcome of the election, then that is only possible by preventing authentic voters from voting, not fraudulent ones.

With nearly all votes counted, Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney in Wisconsin 1,613,950 to 1,408,746. That’s a lot of people without photo ID’s who would lose their right to vote under Darling’s scenario.

In case you think that the video is taken out of context and Darling may be referring to another race, here’s a link to the full video.

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