West Point has had its first wedding of a same-sex couple.

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley plays out his encounter with a deer on Twitter.

Judge to birther Orly Taitz: “You should know that evidence is not stuff printed from the Internet.”

Rick Santorum has joined World Net Daily as an “exclusive columnist.” WND is known for its fondness for conspiracy theories, especially about Barack Obama.

A Utah mayor admits to an extramarital affair by writing a letter to his constituents.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has taken a nearly week-long out-of-state work trip that was shrouded in secrecy as her spokesman refused to disclose her location.

The White House has 54 Christmas trees.

The Syrian government said it would never use chemical weapons “even if they existed” against its people under any circumstance.

A landmark court ruling in Israel grants gay divorces.

A Southern California house has been operating as a “maternity mansion,” charging women from China high prices to give birth in the United States.

Kid Rock sets an example for the rest of America on how to act when your candidate loses.

Breaking the taboo.

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