Another Ridiculous Proposal to Make Schools Safe: Retractable Steel Doors

There is one good thing that can be said for this idea. At least it is not proposing putting guns into the hands of school officials. Yet Texas Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee’s idea to install retractable steel doors at schools is simply not workable.

Not all schools have all entrances as doorways. Lawns and parking lots often separate buildings, but that’s not the real problem. Expense isn’t the problem either because if the idea really would work, it would be great.

The failure in this splendid scheme by Lee is how are the doors going to be activated? Are there going to be retractable door monitors at all schools to flip the switch and send the doors crashing down. Hopefully, no students are caught in the closing doors either. I don’t think it is Lee’s intention to have doors that pop back opening when meeting resistance like elevators.

Plus, how is a threat determined? If the gunman starts shooting before he gets to the door, then that is a giveaway. If he keeps the gun pocketed until he gets inside, starts shooting, the alarm sounds and the shooter is locked in the school with the police outside.

Brilliant. Why do all the ideas like this come from Texas?

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