Detroit Judge Goes from Texting Nude Photos to Impregnating Litigant

Detroit Judge Wade McCree is another example of how too much power leads to arrogance. Earlier this year, McCree sent a nearly nude photo of himself to a bailiff. When her husband found out about it, he shamelessly admitted it. McCree was reprimanded for his lack of judicial manners back then. Yet no sooner did the ink from that reprimand dry and McCree was back with an even greater disregard for due process.

Geniene La’Shay Mott appeared before McCree’s court earlier this summer because her ex-boyfriend was not paying child support. McCree took a liking to Mott. While her case was still winding itself through his court, he began an affair with Mott.

The two sent hundreds of text messages, including some where they discussed the punishment for Mott’s ex-boyfriend. It doesn’t take a law degree to figure that this is a major violation of judicial ethics. It even goes beyond ethics and is probably criminal. The Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission will get another crack at McCree. He is not expected to survive in office this time.

Yet there are even more complications that raise further questions about McCree’s lack of clear thinking. Mott became pregnant. McCree promised her anything she wanted. When McCree’s wife learned about it, those promises started to come up short.

Eventually, McCree tried to get Mott away from him so he contacted local prosecutors, claiming that Mott was stalking him. Of all the poorly thought-out actions by McCree, this one tops them all. Here is McCree, who has an affair with a claimant on a case before his court. She gets pregnant, and the judge alert prosecutors to chase her away. McCree can’t figure out that there is a trail straight as an arrow pointed right at him? If for no other reason than that, McCree should be kicked off the bench. He’s not just a cad, but a doltish cad.

McCree has been placed on administrative leave. He is the son of a historic attorney who served as solicitor general under Jimmy Carter.

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