Huckabee Blames Connecticut School Massacre on Lack of God in Schools

There is no way to describe the horrible tragedy at Newtown, Connecticut. There are no words in the English language that adequately describe the evil of any person who would should young kids. Some people think gun control will stop terrible killings like this. Maybe it will, but it will not address the problems in American society that create minds so deranged that five-year-olds are deemed targets for killing.

I suppose that is what Mike Huckabee tried to explaim by saying that the killings happened because society has “removed God from our schools.” Huckabee should check his facts. The societies with the fewest outbreaks of violence and lowest crime are the most secular. This isn’t about God. It’s about mental illness and evil people. The shooter’s brother “told authorities that his younger brother is autistic, or has Asperger syndrome and a ‘personality disorder.’”

So far no one has found a link that putting God in schools reduces autism.

I don’t know the answer, but I know it isn’t coming from Huckabee. Muslim terrorists have plenty of God in their lives and look at all the people they kill. From Huckabee’s perspective, that is the wrong god. Yet there are plenty of examples of devout believers in a Christian God who commit just as despicable acts. The Norway gunman who killed 90 or so people was a Christian. Wars have been fought over gods. The Catholic Church tortured anyone who dared question its orthodoxy during the medieval ages. Timothy McVeigh, who killed 168 people at the Oklahoma City bombing was raised a devout Catholic. The list goes on.

Religion makes good people better and bad people worse. In the case of the man responsible for this evil, no belief in God would have made a difference. He was incapable of determining good or evil.

Today’s not the day to politicize this tragedy or to inject religion into it. People like Huckabee are ignorant jerks using a tragedy to push their agendas. There’s no place for that right now.

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