Jester’s Court — December 15, 2012


South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley vets Stephen Colbert for the vacant senate seat.

According to Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, the Judiciary Committee is planning a hearing early next year to examine federal policy towards the two states that legalized marijuana.

More elevator-riding horror stories with North Carolina Rep. Virginia Foxx.

Orly Taitz finds someone new to sue – Joe Biden and Congress.

The U.S. has probably surpassed Saudi Arabia as the largest producer of petroleum in the world.

A lobbyist’s connection to a lawmaker is worth $177,000.

The internet may make English the world’s language.

The Japanese Government has planned to beef up the Air Self-Defense Force’s surveillance ability after a Chinese plane intruded an air space over the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea.

Montreal may require dogs to be bilingual.

The Australian Tea Party.

The state of Alaska provided $354,348 in subsidies for Bristol Palin’s failed reality TV show.

A Maryland lawmaker is proposing a bill to fine companies the erroneously identify speeding motorists.

When the government does things better than private enterprise.

A mistrial convinces a Massachusetts politician that he has been exonerated on corruption charges.

Hitler’s toilet seat discovered.

Hillary Clinton suffers a concussion.

NASA Johnson Style.

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