Jester’s Court — December 19, 2012


One of Iran’s state-run media outlets is suggesting that Israeli death squads are to blame for the Sandy Hook shootings.

India may be getting serious with violence against women after a 10-year-old is murdered, 14-year-old gang raped and 23-year-old gang raped for hours on a city bus.

Gun control has worked in Australia.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said that Italy might need to leave the Euro.

South Korea elects it first female president.

The U.S. government plans to sell 40% of its General Motors stock within weeks and sell the rest of its shares within 12 to 15 months.

The Senate is about to vote on an extension of the FISA Amendments Act—the law that allows the NSA to warrantless spy on Americans speaking to people abroad.

A Louisiana school board voted to ban creationism and intelligent design from its textbooks.

California lawmakers are moving quickly to add further restrictions on guns after last week’s schoolhouse massacre.

The NRA says it is gaining 8,000 members a day since the Sandy Hook shootings.

Worldwide, obesity is a greater problem than hunger.

Topeka Councilman Chad Manspeaker sent an apology to Newtown, Connecticut, because of a Westboro Baptist Church protest in Newtown. Manspeaker’s district includes where the church is based.

Ben Affleck for Senate.

Chris Christie is ready for 2016.

Arkansas’ Attorney General decides to stay in the race for governor after it was discovered that he had an “inappropriate relationship” with a female attorney.

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