Jester’s Court — December 21, 2012


West Virginia Sen. Jay Rockefeller has introduced legislation to study the impact of violent video games on children.

A California school district is defending its decision to name a new elementary school after an infamous murderer – by calling him a hero and a role model to children.

A Georgia legislator wants to eliminate all restrictions on guns.

Grover Norquist breaks his own pledge.

Doomsday preppers are getting ready for the Barackalypse.

Even Vladimir Putin is blaming Barack Obama for Benghazi.

Russia’s Parliament has approved a ban on Americans adopting Russian children.

The UK ambassador to Argentina has been summoned to explain to officials in Buenos Aires why part of Antarctica has been renamed in honour of the Queen.

Pope Benedict XVI said that gay marriage, like abortion and euthanasia, is a threat to world peace.

At least 20 men accused of raping women ran in Indian elections in the last five years.

Barack Obama is restricting the inaugural balls to the lowest number in 60 years, with just two official parties.

67 percent of the top one percent of American earners support higher income taxes.

More than half of Congress has taken gun lobby money.

Sanford vs. Sanford in a South Carolina special congressional election?

Senator Barney Frank?

A north Mississippi mayor accused of misusing taxpayer money on several purchases including at a Canadian sex shop was indicted this week on corruption charges.

The Dept. of Energy’s failure to be open with security breaches is hindering an investigation into cyberattacks, including those involving nuclear weapons and secrets.

The TSA frisked the man with the world’s largest penis because they thought he was hiding something in his pants.

D.C. City Councilman Marion Barry makes race an issue again.

Sarah Palin notes that Time magazine’s selection of Barack Obama as Person of the Year is “irrelevant” because they also selected her as the fourth most influential woman in the world.

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