Jester’s Court — December 26, 2012


Ted Kennedy Jr. will not run for John Kerry’s Senate seat in Massachusetts.

Best political cartoons of 2012.

It’s bad when you are a politician arrested for a DUI. It is worse when you are a Mormon who claims to abstain from drinking.

Israel slaps down the NRA.

Iran was attacked by stuxnet again.

German tax authorities have recommended that truck drivers keep a logbook for the tax office of how much time they spend in the bathroom.

An Iranian lawmaker is complaining that Russian women technicians at the Bushehr nuclear power plant are routinely violating a code to adhere to a strict Islamic dress code.

Swiss army knives are illegal in Britain.

Islamists in Mali have begun destroying the remaining mausoleums in the historic city of Timbuktu.

The battle for Obama’s library: Chicago or Hawaii?

Where’s Hillary?

Former Congressman Dick Armey makes $8 million by promising to leave an organization.

A federal employee reprimanded for a gas attack.

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