Jester’s Court — December 29-30, 2012


China is requiring all internet users to register their real name.

Belgium’s king has enraged Flemish nationalists after apparently likening them to fascists during his annual Christmas speech.

Federal public prosecutors in Belgium will institute legal proceedings against the church of Scientology in that country and seek to recognize it as a criminal organization.

A statue of Adolf Hitler praying in a Warsaw ghetto where thousands of Jews died is provoking controversy.

In Britain, a judge ruled that Christians do not have the right to refuse to work on Sunday as a core belief.

Hunting whales in Utah is illegal, and other strange Utah laws.

“Woman of the Year:” Michele Bachmann.

The conspiracy that never dies: Barack Obama pressured that Hawaii’s Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz be selected to fill the senate seat of Daniel Inouye because Schatz played a critical role in covering up Obama’s fake Hawaiian birth.

The Ted Nugent being dead or in jail countdown clock.

A prominent Republican responds to the coming fiscal cliff: “It’s a shit show. Tax rates are going to go up on everyone, and we’re going to get the blame.”

Congress may not reauthorize the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Maine Sen. Olympia Snowe explains why she never signed Grover Norquist’s no tax pledge.

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