Jester’s Court — December 5, 2012


Bob Dole was left disappointed as he watched the Senate reject a treaty that would ban discrimination against the disabled. The treaty was modeled after the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Congress comes moves to strike “lunatic” from federal law, but leaves “idiot.”

Two convicted felons have lunch: Jack Abramoff and Tom DeLay.

A federal judge in Indiana has denied a group of atheists the right to perform marriage ceremonies, claiming the Constitution reserves this right for clergy members.

Another poll shows that 53% would blame the Republicans in Congress instead of Barack Obama if a budget deal is not met.

Support for Marijuana legalization has reached a new high.

Some strange Obama campaign emails that didn’t pan out.

The schism in the Republican Party.

Hillary Clinton has strong, widespread support for a 2016 presidential run.

The death of a spidernaut.

Getting ready to go over the cliff.

The arrest of an Illinois state senator for trying to carry a handgun on an airplane means that there are three Illinois legislators facing criminal charges.

49% of Republicans think that ACORN stole the election from Mitt Romney. ACORN disbanded in 2010.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is said to be in Afghanistan.

George W. Bush: “Not only do immigrants help build the economy, they invigorate our soul.”

A clown is running for the Israeli Knesset.

Turkey’s fined a television station because it aired an episode of The Simpson’s “mocking God.”

Syria’s military has loaded chemical weapons into aerial bombs.

A brawl nearly erupts in Canada’s House of Commons.

If photo IDs are unconstitutional, then just amend the constitution.

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