Jester’s Court — December 8, 2012


Obama’s inaugural committee has decided to accept unlimited corporate donations to help fund the event, reversing a decision from four years ago.

Texas Rep. Joe Barton said that greenhouse gases are good: “There’s a reason that you build things called greenhouses, and that’s to help things grow.”

Republican Congressmen who were booted from their committees by Speaker John Boehner want answers on why they were removed.

The federal government wants to know if you are as good of a driver as you claim. It is pushing to require black boxes in vehicles.

Swaziland considers a tax on witchdoctors.

A woman accused of registering a mannequin as a candidate in a Scottish City Council election is to face trial.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin III isn’t too wild about MTV’s new reality show, “Buckwild.”

Two weeks ago, Foolocracy suggested that Alaska may become a swing state but had no explanation why, now Nate Silver explains why.

Despite national Republicans saying that they would not support Todd Akin’s campaign for a Missouri senate seat, the National Republican Senatorial Committee made a last-minute effort by dumping $756,000 to his campaign.

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist announced his official switch from independent to the Democratic Party.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie describes hugging his idol.

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