Richard Mourdock Blames Senate Loss on “Liberal Media”

Richard Mourdock (Source: State of Indiana)

In an attempt to retire his campaign debt, former Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock sent forth a fundraising email. Mourdock lost to Joe Donnelly after leading the race since his primary defeat of Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar. Mourdock plummetted in the polls after suggesting that it is God’s will when a raped woman becomes pregnant.

“I believe that life begins at conception. The only exception I have to have an abortion is in that case of the life of the mother. I just struggled with it myself for a long time but I came to realize life is that gift from God that I think even if life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

Amazingly, Mourdock still doesn’t get it. His email appealed to supporters because Mourdock was a victim of the liberal media bias, not his own loose mouth.

“After a bitter, hard-fought campaign, many Republicans all over the country were forced to accept defeat rather than celebrate victory. In our case, we found our campaign caught in the liberal media crosshairs. Never has Indiana seen a more obvious example of media bias by reporters more interested in defeating conservatives than reporting the news,” Mourdock Finance Director Ashlee Walls writes in a fundraising plea to supporters.

“We fought back and invested heavily in a last-minute push to combat the slew of false accusations Democrats and the liberal media churned up to distract voters.”

Never is a longtime so to suggest that Indiana has “never seen” such media bias is more than just a distortion of the historical record but a disconnect from the reality.

No one put those words about God and rape into Mourdock’s mouth. Yet nearly six weeks after the election, Mourdock is pushing the claim that he is a victim.

The Republican Party’s problems are not just being on the wrong side of the country’s demographics and issues like immigration, medical marijuana and taxes on the wealthy. The GOP’s problem is that it puts forth candidates so far out of the mainstream that they fail to understand their own extremism.

That’s Mourdock’s problem. He sees God’s will in a raped pregnant woman, and is aghast that anyone sees anything wrong with that.

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2 Responses to Richard Mourdock Blames Senate Loss on “Liberal Media”

  1. Were it not for nutjobs like Murdouch, the GOP might have been in control of the U.S. Senate. I say keep these guys coming.

  2. Josh E. says:

    I’m a casual computer gamer, and we have a term for something like this. When someone loses the game and leaves with a foulmouthed tirade, usually blaming their team or an imbalanced setting in the game, or often both, we call it a “Rage Quit”. I think that term could be applied very well here.

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