Texas Legislator Who Claims Ping-Pong More Dangerous than Guns Still has No Explanation for His Comments

Incoming Texas state Rep. Kyle Kacal has remained relatively quiet after his comments last week that ping-pong is more dangerous than guns. Kacal’s comments are some of the most nonsensical of the year and earned him widespread ridicule.

“I’ve heard of people being killed playing ping-pong—ping-pongs are more dangerous than guns,” he says. “Flat-screen TVs are injuring more kids today than anything.”

That put Kacal as the only person in the country who fears Americans are in danger over ping-pong balls, paddles, tables or whatever Kacal envisions as the threat.

Kacal responded to the attention of his ping-pong comments without addressing how anyone could be so stupid to suggest such a thing.

“During a recent interview with a reporter from The Eagle newspaper regarding gun crime in America and the impact it has on citizens, I mentioned other incidents that cause injury to children every year,” the statement read. “In no way were the comments intended to diminish the absolute horror of what occurred in Connecticut last week.”

Kacal is right on the flat-screen TVs. Some kids are injured by them. The instances of death by ping-pong, which according to Kacal are more dangerous than guns, would need to exceed the 8,000-10,000 deaths caused by guns. Unfortunately, we are probably never going to hear Kacal explain how this could happen. He seems to be doing his best to have this incident be forgotten.

This could be just written off as another outrageous comment, but it is more than an example of an elected official blowing off what is on his mind and making no sense at all. These people are running the federal and state governments, spending billions and deciding important social policies. The great danger to Americans is not ping-pong but people like Kacal who are clearly lacking an understanding of cause and effect or common sense. There is no way to describe these comments except as stupidity. With lawmakers like that, that is a threat that may be more dangerous than guns.

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