The National Guard in the Schools?

Keeping the schools safe? (Source: DVIDSHUB (CC))

Doing something to make schools safe from nuts like Adam Lanza is a must. However, that something has to make sense. The dumb ideas are coming in droves now.

In Virginia, a member of the legislature is proposing a bill that would designate a school official to be trained at carrying a gun. These are the people who think that more guns in the schools is the answer. Now California Sen. Barbara Boxer has another plan to put more guns in schools – use the National Guard.

Boxer’s proposal is modeled after a previous law allowing the National Guard to be used to fight drug trafficking along the border. With the violence of the cartels, there is a national security issue at stake, especially since it is primarily along the borders.

Governors can already send the National Guard to schools, but Boxer’s bill would make it more likely since they will be able to receive federal funds to reimburse state expenses.

Outside of a national emergency or a local disaster when order is paramount, why would we want the National Guard in the schools? They aren’t going to stop shooters like Adam Lanza or any of the other killers who have committed mass slaughter at public schools in recent years. Yet Boxer sees this as a priority to save the lives of kids.

“The slaughter of the innocents must stop. We must keep our schools safe by utilizing all of the law enforcement tools at our disposal,” Boxer said.

The only way the National Guard is going to prevent tragedies like Sandy Hook is if the soldiers were already present patrolling the halls. That’s the last thing the schools need – armed soldiers regularly patrolling the hallways.

One of the arguments for the National Guard is not just to place them at schools, but use them at police stations so the police are freed up to tackle a school emergency involving a shooter.

That’s a crazy notion too. If there is a crime and someone goes to report it to a police station, the National Guard is not trained to handle it. They are also not trained in law enforcement. These are soldiers, trained to destroy the enemy, not arrest them.

How is Boxer figuring that this is going to prevent a single shooting? These mass killings can happen anywhere in the country. They occur unexpectedly, unless the police get a tip and bust the planners. The National Guard is not needed in that case.

When a shooting occurs, the police have responded forcefully and quickly in all instances. The National Guard isn’t going to get there quicker. The police stations are still manned, as the heightened security needed during these shootings is the time immediately after the deed is committed.

Mobilizing the National Guard can’t happen in fifteen minutes. By the time and Guard members are mobilized by a Governor’s order, the police have the problem under control.

Perhaps Boxer is thinking that the National Guard might be needed when a vast conspiracy of shooters forms to attack schools. Yet that is so unlikely as to be unworthy of consideration.

Shooting up schools is so abhorrent that only one or two pathological killers are going to do it a time. It isn’t something that is going to be kept secret in a group of a dozen mentally unbalanced murderers to be. If something like that happened, then American society has some real problems. It’s going to take a lot more than the National Guard to fix it.

Now begins the long list of senseless proposals, which accomplish little but make elected officials feel that they have done something. Better yet, would be to propose more assistance to identifying and treating the mentally ill. Every one of the people who committ mass murder has something off kilter in their mind. Where are the solutions to deal with that? They are few because it isn’t politically sexy to add money to mental health when the National Guard can be used as a prop for political action.

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