California Lawmaker Tim Donnelly: Guns “are Absolutely Essential to Living the Way God Intended for Us to Live.”

Tim Donnelly (Source: State of California)

Tim Donnelly (Source: State of California)

It’s going to be hard to conduct a sensible debate on gun control as long as guns are more of an emotional than rational issue. However, some like California Assemblyman Tim Donnelly are taking the debate to a new level. Generally, pro-gun advocates point to the Second Amendment as way to prevent tyranny. Donnelly does that too, but he gets creative by bringing God into the debate.

“Guns are used an average of 3 million times a year according to the Clinton Justice Department,” Assemblyman Tim Donnelly told the Christian talk radio show The Bottom Line on Wednesday. “That’s like 6,900 times a day. That’s the high end of the statistics, other people say it’s only 200 times a day.”

“Whatever that number is, they are used to defend human life,” he explained. “They are used to defend our property and our families and our faith and our freedom, and they are absolutely essential to living the way God intended for us to live.”

I missed that in the Bible. Guns, of course, are a recent invention. If God had intended them to be essential to the way we live, there should have been mention of them in the Bible. Defending human life may be essential, but how it is done is not a religious matter.

Donnelly is talking about the right to defend human life so his comment involves more than guns. It includes swords, clubs and any other item to protect oneself. Calling guns “essential” means that people were living without something essential until the last few hundred years. Basically, he’s making things up and attributing his position as supported Biblically.

Donnelly isn’t just bringing forth a specious argument built on the allure of religion, but one that becomes nearly impossible to argue against because religion is at its core. This is a sure way to impede real solutions.

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