Florida Rep. Yoho Thinks Citizens should have Same Weapons as Military

What every garage needs (Source: U.S. Government)

What every garage needs (Source: U.S. Government)

When I first became familiar with newly elected Congressmen Ted Yoho earlier this month, I knew he was going to be on the radar with outrageous comments. He’s now moved from castrating stallions to the Second Amendment.

“On guns, they (his constituents) were saying that the sentiment, when you read the Second Amendment, is that the militia had the same equipment as the military to protect them against the tyrannical government. I think it’s more important today than ever, that we uphold our Second Amendment.”

Now Yoho doesn’t come out and say that everyone should have a tank, grenade launcher, battleship or nuclear weapon, but he uses that as part of his argument to support the Second Amendment.

Yoho will probably step back and say that is not what he meant. If he doesn’t, then he really is on the extreme. Either way, he is probably starting to learn that castrating stallions is easier than being in Congress.

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