Idaho Lawmaker Compares Abortion to Prostitution

Ron Mendive (Source: State of Idaho)

Ron Mendive (Source: State of Idaho)

For Idaho State Rep. Ron Mendive, pro-choice doesn’t mean just the right to choose on whether to have an abortion or not. It also means on whether to be a prostitute.

Mendive made the comparison during a presentation by the ACLU on criminal justice reform. His comparison drew a gasp from the audience. Later, Mendive explained his comparison to The Spokesman-Review:

“I am anti-abortion, so that’s why I brought up that question,” he said.

Mendive said, “Actually I grew up in Kellogg, and the reality is there used to be brothels in Wallace. That was a career choice – no one forced them into that.” He said he didn’t mean that he thought prostitution should be legal. “I think that there’s kind of a double standard,” he said. “With abortion there are two beating hearts, and prostitution, there’s just one. If a woman were going to make a choice to be a prostitute, that’s her decision as to what to do with her body.”

He said in his view, it’s comparable to someone deciding to use illegal drugs. “I don’t support that either,” he said. “Those were just examples.”

Mendive, who has only served in the legislature for a week and a half, was initially shocked that this comment garnered news attention.

“Was there a reporter in the room?” asked Mendive.

Here is a legislator who has a lot to learn about being a politician.

Mendive stuck to his comparison afterwards, stating that prostitution is choice “more so than an abortion would be.” Yet Mendive also noted that “Maybe it was a poor illustration.”

All he needs to do now to become a full-blown member of the Todd Akin school of foolishness is mention that rape is a matter of choice too.

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