Idaho Lawmaker Mendive is Confused about More than Abortion and Prostitution

ronmendivefoolIdaho State Rep. Ron Mendive stirred controversy last week when he compared abortion to prostitution. Mendive’s connection centered on both being a matter of choice, as he explained later.

“It was just a question,” he said. “I do believe it’s a double standard.”

Prostitution is a choice “more so than an abortion would be,” he said.

And how does Mendive link prostitution, which is not a choice in many cases involving human trafficking, to more of a choice than abortion?

“Because (in an abortion) there’s two beating hearts. And then there’s one,” Mendive said.

Of course, Mendive is very anti-abortion. Yet If Mendive wants to take the argument of “beating hearts,” he crosses into something more muddled than just abortion. A conscripted soldier who is sent off to war and dies didn’t do that on choice. Does that make Mendive against conscription in all cases? If it is all about choice, then Mendive should back euthanasia as well. What about the death penalty? Most inmates don’t willingly walk into the execution chamber. Maybe Mendive is idealogically consistent on these issues. It is impossible to tell because the public record is very sketching on this freshmen legislator.

If a “beating heart” is the line when an abortion can be performed or not, then Mendive must support the morning after pill or an abortion up until week five when the embryonic heart starts to beat.

That is an unlikely position for Mendive, who points to his strong pro-life position, heartbeat or not.

Mendive, whose comments were meant to catch the ACLU in a double standard, have actually placed Mendive into several double standards of his own.

His Facebook page, with its whopping total of 22 friends, has experienced some comments that Mendive doesn’t like. His staffer deleted the unpleasant ones with the comment “[T]his is not a debate forum.”

An hour later, the staffer followed up with this: “Ron is a supporter of free speech. Feel free to e-mail him directly. This FB page is not a debate page, it is to give you more information about him.”

Free speech, but keep it to an email. Mendive wants free speech so he can give out information about himself, but he doesn’t want responses to that information posted publicly. In fact, Mendive wants people only to post comments favorable to him. Those remain untouched.

Mendive made life, liberty and property part of his platform during his campaign. Of course, liberty ends a few lines later when he stated his opposition to same-sex marriage.

He is adept at loaded statements, such as expressing his support for “an individual’s right to practice the religion of their choice.” Presumably, there are people in the United States making coerced conversions to Islam or atheism. Mendive is probably referring to religious institutions that don’t want to distribute contraceptives or else he is supporting prayer in the classroom because it is all about liberty unless you are the one needing the contraceptive or pray a different way than everyone else.

To no surprise, it looks like Mendive is against Obamacare. He thinks health care decisions should be left to the “individual and their health care provider.” Few people would have an argument with that, except it isn’t just government decision-making in funding health care choices that is the issue. Insurance companies butt themselves into these choices all the time. Maybe Mendive is against health insurance companies. That is doubtful.

Mendive thinks that he is adept at catching double standards. The fact is that he is a double standard himself. What he believes doesn’t need defending in his mind. It doesn’t even need to be rational. And whatever happens, don’t question his statements publicly because he believes in free speech but only for himself.

When Mendive comes out in favor of the morning after pill, then his comments on abortion, prostitution and other things can be taken a bit more seriously. At least then, he would have found some degree of consistency.

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