Indiana Lawmaker Introduces Bill Requiring Prayer in Schools

Dennis Kruse (Source: State of Indiana)

Fresh off a failed attempt to bring creationism into the classroom and question evolution, Indiana State Senator Dennis Kruse has a new mission. Kruse has introduced a bill to require the reciting of the Lord’s Prayer in schools.

Kruse is well known for his attempts to pass bills regulating lifestyles that he considers immoral. His bills have included banning alcohol from sexually oriented businesses, requirements that pictures and the dangers of abortion be provided to women considering it and prohibiting a state agency from regulating firearms on state property.

Kruse’s new bill on prayer is designed to confront the “attack” on religion in the public schools.

“My intention in filing this legislation was to foster a conversation about religious liberty in our state and our country,” Kruse said in a statement Friday. “I wanted to address the growing concern shared by many of my fellow Hoosiers that religious liberty is under attack and religious values are being pushed out of the public sphere.”

In Kruse’s mind, a “conversation” means mandatory prayer. Kruse’s bill does include an exemption if the student or parents object, but it would still require the Lord’s Prayer to be recited daily in public schools throughout Indiana.

Even if the bill passed, the unconstitutionality of the bill would thwart its implementation. The leadership in the Indiana legislature must realize this. The bill has been sent to the rules committee where bills are usually sent to die.

Kruse’s efforts to get his social theories enacted into law have not discouraged him thus far. He hasn’t yet introduced a bill expressing his abomination of homosexuality. With his track record, that is probably coming up in the near future.

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