Jester’s Court — January 10, 2013


Ernie Chambers, the man who sued God, returns to the Nebraska legislature.

Barack Obama: the least merciful president in history.

Barack Obama signed a bill into law guaranteeing himself and future presidents Secret Service protection for the rest of their lives.

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan introduces a personhood bill to give a one-celled human embryo the same rights as a person.

California’s budget deficit is gone after years of financial troubles. Governor Jerry Brown proposed a plan that raises spending on education and healthcare, boosting total expenditures by 5 percent.

The NRA has 100,000 new members since the Newtown shooting.

A restriction on firearms-registration data collection was slipped into the Obamacare bill by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Five federal policies relating to guns you may not have known about.

Queen Elizabeth has issued a formal decree that if the next heir to the throne is a girl, then she shall be known as a princess instead as a lady.

Delhi, India, bans the sales of snacks and beverages late at night to better protect women. Violators of the ban face penal action.

New York Rep. Charlie Rangel says the lack of diversity in President Obama’s Cabinet is “embarrassing as hell.”

375 days later, Rep. Michele Bachmann still hasn’t paid five of her Iowa staffers from her presidential campaign.

An Illinois politician blamed his defeat on internet commenters, calling them anonymous cyberbullies. He is seeking to have their identities revealed.


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