Jester’s Court — January 11, 2013


internationalThe Iranian government is planning to finance a movie that will correct what it says are numerous distortions of the historical record in “Argo.”

internationalGovernment forces in Mali say they have regained territory from Islamist militants following air strikes by the French military.

internationalIndonesia decides its students should spend less time on science and more on religion.

internationalThe UN has agreed to a special dispensation allowing coca chewing in Bolivia.

newsSouth Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley bid farewell to her husband as he is deployed to Afghanistan.

doubtfulVirginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said that civil disobedience and going to jail might be the only way left to stop Obamacare.

politicsFormer South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford is shopping for headquarter space for his Congressional campaign.

fashionableBison is being served at the 2013 inaugural luncheon.

foolishA school board in Ohio approved a plan to allow custodians to carry handguns as a way to thwart potential shooters.

governmentsThe Kansas Legislature has violated its constitutional duty to provide suitable funding for public schools, a three-judge panel ruled.

governmentsThe Obama administration nixes building a death star.

provocativeOnly 6 percent of scientists identify as Republican, whereas 55 percent identify as Democratic.

mediaNBC journalist David Gregory won’t face charges for displaying a high-capacity ammunition magazine on his “Meet the Press” news program last month.

corruptionJesse Jackson Jr.’s wife resigns from the Chicago City Council but investigations continue.

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