Jester’s Court — January 16, 2013


internationalA candidate for the Indonesian Supreme Court has fueled outrage in the predominantly Muslim country by suggesting that rape victims enjoy being violated.

internationalIt really is bad in the Islamist-controlled parts of Mali.

internationalIran prepares to launch a monkey into space, something first done by the U.S. in 1948.

internationalBritain draws up new plans to defend the Falklands.

internationalAn Egyptian woman was sentenced to 15 years in prison for converting to Christianity. Her children and even the clerks who processed the new identity cards were also sentenced.

governmentsA court ruled that a middle-school teacher couldn’t get her job back because she was once a porn star.

governmentsA North Dakota lawmaker wants to raise speeding fines on out-of-state workers.

governmentsThe public option is back.

governmentsNow a Tennessee lawmaker wants to criminalize federal gun enforcement.

politicsSeven members of the Pennsylvania legislature introduced a bill to allocate the electoral votes by the winners of congressional districts. That means Obama would have taken seven of twenty electoral votes despite winning the state by 5%.

surpriseNearly twenty years ago, a Republican Congressman was voted out of office for being too extreme. Now he is back and part of the mainstream.

foolishAnother Congressman suggests that it is time to consider impeachment for Barack Obama.

doubtfulThe Democratic frontrunner for Arkansas governor, who has admitted to an affair, claims to only having been alone with his mistress half-a-dozen times ever and not all were “inappropriate.”

provocative“One nation under love.”

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