Jester’s Court — January 21, 2013


internationalRussia moves to strengthen its anti-gay laws.

internationalIn an attempt to deter crime, Iran is instituting public hangings.

internationalIran is set to unveil a new “space observatory” that will serve as the centerpiece of its space program, and may launch “living creatures” into orbit “in the coming days.”

internationalHugo Chavez remains missing eleven days after he was supposed to be sworn in for a new term as president of Venezuela.

internationalReligious and ultra-orthodox Jews and inhabitants of West Bank settlements are expected to have disproportionately high representation in the new Israeli parliament.

governmentsAll 100 Senators are now active users on Twitter, as are 90 percent (398) of all members of the House of Representatives.

politicsDemocrats in Virginia are accusing state Republicans of taking advantage of a prominent civil rights leader’s trip to Washington for the presidential inauguration to pull a “dirty trick” in order to take control of the state Senate in the 2015 elections.

politicsColin Powell jumps on “idiot presentations” by some Republicans.

miscellaneousSasha yawns. No big deal, just another inauguration.

miscellaneousMitt Romney had “no big plans” for inauguration day.

kudosGeorge W. Bush’s truck sells for 300K.

quotes“It’s been four years and he still can’t dance.”

quotesSenate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: “You and I are literally surrounded. The gun-grabbers in the Senate are about to launch an all-out-assault on the Second Amendment. On your rights. On your freedom.”

factsBarack Obama ranks third in first-term stock performance of all presidents.

corruptionA Maryland County Executive faces a misconduct trial for requiring a county employee to empty his urine bag and his security detail to ferry him to a county parking lot where he had an affair with another county employee.

half-witA Nevada legislator was arrested for threatening the Assembly’s Speaker.

provocativeWhen it comes to statewide elected officials, the Republican Party is more diverse than the Democratic Party.

videoJoe Biden is proud to be president.

videoTwo inaugurations, two flubs. This time over the word “states.”

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