Jester’s Court — January 24, 2013


half-witA city councilman in Rapid City, S.D., has apologized to a black television reporter for questioning her citizenship and suggesting she be deported “back to Kenya with Obama.”


internationalIndonesia bans female circumcision and then issues guidelines on how it should be performed.

internationalThe British Royal Navy issued a press release that the HMS Protector, an icebreaker that patrols the Antarctic coast, had saved a Norwegian cruise ship. The cruise ship’s company says it never happened.

northkoreaNorth Korea said it would carry out further rocket launches and a nuclear test that would target the United States.

doubtfulSan Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has proposed limiting hard liquor sales during the Super Bowl to limit outbreaks of violence.

OopsFormer Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo promised to smoke marijuana if Proposition 64 passed.

politicsMinnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is the clear favorite to challenge Sen. Al Franken in 2016, but the polls still show her losing badly.

politicsThe more Republicans know about politics, the more they believe in conspiracies. The less Democrats know about politics, the more they believe in conspiracies.

factsThe ultimate guide to Secretary of State travel since 1989.

videoBarack Obama v. flies. Here for pictures.

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