Jester’s Court — January 25, 2013


half-witThe investigation of New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez’ trips to the Dominican Republic where he purchased the services of hookers got a bit more serious with reports that some prostitutes were minors.

quotesLouisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal called on the Republican Party to “stop being the stupid party.”

quotesMitt Romney: “I’m not going away.”

awkwardHouse Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s dilemma on the Super Bowl.

newsIs there anything Cory Booker cannot do?

newsNevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks vows to be exonerated in court on charges of threatening the Assembly’s Speaker.

governmentsHow filibuster reform fell apart.

governmentsA Tennessee legislator introduced a bill seeking to make welfare benefits contingent upon the grades of a would-be recipient’s children.

governmentsA bill in the Missouri Senate requires parents to notify their child’s school in writing if they have a gun in the home.

governmentsAlabama Rep. Mo Brooks proposed a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution that would make the president’s failure to enforce that amendment an impeachable offense.

governmentsMississippi thinks its relations with the federal government are still at 1860.

politicsThe most pro-Obama county in the last election? Shannon County, South Dakota. It voted for Obama with 93% of the vote.

kudosBindi Irwin doesn’t back down to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over an essay on population growth.

foolishThe birthers are feeding on each other now.

internationalOther countries where women serve in combat roles.

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