Jester’s Court — January 29, 2013


internationalAustralia’s “first bloke” has landed himself in hot water over comments that men wanting to get their prostates checked should seek out small, female Asian doctors to perform the examination.

internationalThe father of a six-year-old Newtown victim was heckled at a Connecticut legislative hearing when he advocated for gun control.

politicsIt’s been about a whole week since his second inauguration but Barack Obama is still not endorsing anyone for 2016,

foolishTwo Arizona lawmakers have introduced legislation requiring students to take loyalty oaths.

governmentsA bill to allow presidents a third term.

governmentsA bill in the Virginia legislature would remove as a crime unmarried people living together.

governmentsWyoming’s House Judiciary Committee voted 8-to-1 to advance a bill that would impose felony penalties on federal officials who attempted to enforce federal weapons bans.

half-witOnly three senators voted against John Kerry’s confirmation as Secretary of State: Texas Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, plus Oklahoma’s James Inhofe.

chronicledProposed Constitutional amendments that never made it out of Congress, such as abolishing the army and navy or making divorce illegal.

quotesSouth Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said that it’s a mistake to push for same-sex couples to be included in immigration reform. “Why don’t we just put legalized abortion in there and round it all out?”

quotesFormer Alabama Rep. Parker Griffith: “I think the Republican Party is a snowball headed to hell right now and has no idea how to attract the Hispanic or the black vote.”

doubtfulMaricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s lead investigator into Barack Obama’s birth certificate claims that new information will come to convince even the biggest skeptic.

videoWisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan supports closing the gun show loophole.

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