Maryland Lawmaker Blames Gay Marriage for His Drinking

Don Dwyer (Source: State of Maryland)

Don Dwyer (Source: State of Maryland)

Maryland Delegate Don Dwyer finally has an excuse for a boating incident last August when he was cited for being under the influence of alcohol. Dwyer’s boat collided with another vessel and several people were injured, including a five-year-old girl who had her skull fractured.

Dwyer has an explanation for that: The gays made him do it. More particularly, gay marriage was one of the causes. Dwyer feels betrayed by longtime colleagues who switched their positions and backed gay marriage. Dwyer claims that he was so distraught that all he could do was drink himself to three times the legal limit and hop into his boat. He also blamed a separation from his wife.

The Maryland Gazette summed up Dwyer’s dilemma back in August.

He said two events caused his drinking to increase:

First, he separated from his wife in November 2011.

Second, he felt “betrayed” by longtime allies in the State House.

“I felt a tremendous amount of pressure in my family,” he said. “You take those personal issues (and) add betrayal on the professional side, and it really gets to be overwhelming.”

“I would drink when I felt I needed to get relaxed,” he said. “I don’t know if you know what goes on around here, but the drinking is pretty regular.”

“I found real peace and comfort in having that alcohol to settle me out.”

That’s a new excuse for a DUI.

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