New Congressman Not Intimidated by Congress, Castrating Testicles

Ted Yoho (Source: U.S. Congress)

Ted Yoho was elected to Congress in the conservative northern panhandle of Florida. He’s a tea party supporter who states that he would never vote for an increase in the debt ceiling. He believes that his unwillingness to follow the House’s Republican leadership “scares them to death.”

Yoho is not scared though. He feels that Congress should be a breeze after his life as a veterinarian.

“Intimidating is going up to a growling Rottweiler and having to squeeze his anal glands, or going up to a stallion that weighs 1,200 pounds and telling him you’re going to take his testicles off. That’s intimidating. I think I can handle Congress.”

That is yet to be seen, but anyone who compares working with Congress to castration promises to be an interesting character to watch.

Yoho isn’t going to walk the line of political correctness either. During his campaign, he was concerned that people would see his name and misidentify his race. Apparently, some voters thought that he was Japanese. Yoho responded by putting his picture on his bumper stickers. When a supporter mentioned that he had to look up Yoho’s picture to make sure that he wasn’t a “Jap,” Yoho just laughed it off. In most places, “Jap” is considered an ethnic slur to those of Japanese ancestry. Laughing something like that off opens the door to controversy.

That is an indication of Yoho’s constituency, which is very conservative and racially polarized. These are the people he must placate to be reelected in two years. I don’t think we have heard the last of Rep. Yoho. Just a hunch, but it sounds like Florida has another Allen West in the making.

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