Obama is a Demon because Flies and Rats are Attracted to Him

There are those who despise Obama’s policies, and then there are those who despise Obama so much that they lose touch with reality. The birthers are the most prominent of that group, but right up with them are those who believe Obama is possessed by a demon or is the Antichrist. The latest incarnation of this nuttiness came from a press conference, when a fly landed on the president’s face.

World Net Daily, home of the birthers, published an article noting that comparisons were being made between Obama and Beelzebub, or “lord of the flies.”

Obama has had several public encounters with flies in the past. We have now reached the point where every fly that appears around him is a sign that Satan is nearby or that God is warning us of Obama’s evil and corrupt nature.

The video below claims that a fly landed on Obama multiple times, and he was not bothered by it. That’s doubtful. Every clip shown with a fly around the President has him flailing at them or even famously killing one that landed on his hand a few years ago.

The video raises that something is going on about Obama because he has a strange look in his eye when the fly lands on him. Of course, he does. A fly just landed on him, but that is too obvious for these twisted conspiracy theorists.

The video goes on to list other people’s comments that Obama killed the fly at that press conference and then ate it. If things are going to be made up, then why not just suggest the fly spewed from Obama’s mouth during one of his lies?

Other comments are raised that rats are attracted to the president, and no other president has been bothered by these vermin. At least YouTube hasn’t documented those encounters, but that would be because YouTube has been around for only one prior presidency — George W. Bush’s. YouTube would have had a different perspective during the nineteenth century when sheep were kept on the White House grounds.

This loopiness is amusing, but it is not so funny when considering all the people who see this crap and think it’s true. In addition, they vote. While the majority of people are going to look at the issues and decide how to vote, there is a large group that looks at a fly and believes it is honing in on a demon. That’s what makes their votes scary.

Here’s the interview where Obama is clearly bothered by the pesky fly, not embracing it as a secret message from Satan.

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