Sen. Lamar Alexander: Video Games Affect People, Not Guns

“I think video games is a bigger problem than guns, because video games affect people,” Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander.

I’m waiting for the next step in this thinking process: “Guns don’t kill people; video games kill people.”

Although a lot of people want to blame video games for gun violence, the facts do not show a link. As violent video games have become more prevalent, crime has turned downward across the United States. While violent video games may propel a small percentage of twisted minds to commit horrible crimes, there is evidence that video games have “reduced real violence.” Some studies suggest that this link is because gamers are “too busy” playing to commit crimes.

However, the reason may be similar to porn where research has shown that watching porn may “deter sexual violence.” Whether it be porn or video games, these activities allow people, usually males, socially acceptable outlets for their frustrations. It wasn’t long ago that daily human existence was violent, from slaughtering animals to living in societies where the law was based on who was the most powerful. Evolution has ingrained a certain degree of tolerance or even affinity for violence into our psyches. Banning Grand Theft Auto is not going to take that away.

The research on why people like Alexander have to make such foolish statements is still out though.

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