Sheriff Joe Upset about Other Sheriff Joe

In Arizona, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is pissed. He has cultivated the moniker “Sheriff Joe” but there’s a new sheriff who has also taken on that nickname. The new sheriff is Joe Biden and Sheriff Joe of Arizona wants people to stop using it for Biden.

Last Friday, Arpaio let the world know that he is the one and only Sheriff Joe.


Barack Obama began calling Biden “Sheriff Joe” as early as March of 2009 when he was tasked with finding misspent taxpayer money. More recently, Biden has been tagged to lead Obama’s efforts for stricter gun control with “Sheriff Joe” Biden leading the charge. Even conservative columnist Michelle Malkin has used the term, as has Matt Drudge as Arpaio notes in his tweet.

Arpaio’s tweet is a whiny, childish fit that isn’t going to bring him any relief. Now that Obama knows Arpaio is irritated by it, expect the Obama administration to cultivate the nickname for Biden even more.

The Obama administration and Arpaio have been at odds since the time Obama took office. Arpaio has been investigated by the Justice Department for civil rights abuses. In turn, Arpaio has conducted his own investigation on Obama’s birth certificate. Of course, Arpaio found the certificate to be a fake. About the only think fake that came out of that investigation were Arpaio’s investigative skills.

Arpaio has fostered an image as America’s toughest sheriff. He’s tried to hold himself up as a modern day equivalent of Bat Masterson or Wyatt Earp. Instead, Arpaio comes across as a grouchy, petulant and petty complainer.

Arpaio sounds more like a schoolyard kid who won’t play anymore because no one is playing according to his rules. It’s fun just to imagine how must Arpaio bristle every time he hears “Sheriff Joe” applied to Biden. Arpaio can pout all he wants because he is going to have to put up with it for another four years.

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