Utah Town Wants Gun in Every Household

Spring City, Utah, is drafting a resolution urging the head of every household to be trained and own a gun. At first, the resolution was worded to require the head of household to have a gun and get training. The proposer of the resolution, Councilman Neil Sorensen, found that some residents took exception with that language. That Second Amendment rights were going to be a requirement probably would have been unconstitutional anyway. Sorensen watered down the resolution to “encouraged.”

The resolution also offers funding for teachers and administrators to be trained and armed with guns. Sorensen thinks this will reduce the possibility of crime in his town of 1,000. There has been an uptick in crime, including a double murder over New Years. Of course, a small town in Utah is not likely to be a place to be overrun by a crime spree. Bringing weapons into the schools and arming the citizens might not bring the expected results Sorensen is hoping.

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