Wisconsin Lawmaker Grothman Doubles Down on War Against Kwanzaa

Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman sent a press release on December 28 criticizing Kwanzaa as a threat to America headed by “hard-core left wingers.” Grothman went onto to say that “almost no black people today care about Kwanzaa.”

The reaction to Grothman’s war on Kwanzaa rained scorn and contempt on Grothman. Others noted that Grothman’s supposed awareness of what African-Americans care about was lacking just a couple of years ago when he kept his office open on Martin Luther King’s birthday because he wanted to be available to taxpayers. When asked how he was going to celebrate King’s birthday, Grothman said that he had a “busy schedule.”

Of all the things to get upset about in the United States, attacking a peaceful, cultural holiday as un-American should be at the bottom of the list. Yet somewhere in the celebration of Kwanzaa, Grothman saw it as a threat to the “values as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.”

Grothman has dismissed the criticism over his press release as the work of “a small, left fringe that supports an atheistic, socialist agenda.” Grothman explained, “They are loud but tiny.”

Grothman insists that in private conversations he is getting thumbs up for his battle against the evil known as Kwanzaa.

“Almost all of the private feedback has been positive,” Grothman said. “First of all, people are thankful in finding out that Kwanzaa was founded by a violent, racist, Marxist — because some of them didn’t know that. Secondly, they realized we shouldn’t let such a person create a holiday … and promote it in our school system.”

Grothman’s lack of negative, personal feedback is probably because most people realize anyone who wants to chase a non-issue like this with such vehemence is not worth wasting the time to speak too. When criticized, Grothman doubles down by using “violent,” “racist,” “Marxist,” “atheist” and “socialist” to describe Kwanzaa supporters and his critics. A rational conversation with a person like this impossible. His vocabulary consists of loaded words and a shotgun-like approach to responding to his critics. He just fires whatever perjorative comes to mind and hopes it sticks to his critics.

In Grothman, we find the perfect example of the worst in public officials. He creates a non-issue and turns it into dirtier than mud attacks on anyone who disagrees with him. Maybe it is more than a coincidence that Joe McCarthy came from Wisconsin too. There must be something in the cheese that affects the conservative mind.

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