Jester’s Court — February 1, 2013


internationalJackie Chan has been appointed to one of China’s top political advisory bodies.

internationalThe monkey that Iran launched into space may not have made it back alive.

internationalArgentina’s foreign minister has turned down a British invitation to meet members of the Falkland Islands government in London because they are a third party.

newsUtah Sen. Orrin Hatch: Background checks on guns could be the end of liberty.

governmentsAn Alaska lawmaker has introduced legislation that would make it a felony to interfere with permitted oil and gas, timber or other development projects.

governmentsFour states are considering laws that challenge teaching of evolution.

politicsThe most conservative and most liberal states.

politicsJohn Kerry’s senate seat is going to remain Democratic.

politicsSome of the nation’s biggest biotechnology companies are lobbying intensively to limit generic competition to their drugs.

misfortuneMississippi’s last abortion clinic may be closed in a few months.

foolishTennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield told an email questioner to get “therapy” because she opposed his anti-gay legislation.

corruptionNine Philadelphia traffic judges were charged for ticket fixing.

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