Jester’s Court — February 14, 2013


newsA body language expert breaks down the State of the Union speech.

newsA Florida company is offering Sen. Marco Rubio a year’s supply of water.

mediaNate Silver may stop predicting elections because he might be influencing elections.

internationalDubai’s ruler has approved a $1.6 billion island development project that would be home to what’s billed as the world’s biggest Ferris wheel.

internationalAn Australian politician says imprisoning aboriginal people keeps the younger generations sober, fed and safe.

internationalIceland wants to ban internet porn.

internationalInstead of Valentine’s Day, Pakistan celebrated “Hijab Day.”

corruptionWhat maybe the largest municipal fraud case in history has ended.

corruptionFormer San Diego Mayor Maureen O’Connor took $2 million from a nonprofit foundation to feed a billion-dollar gambling habit that spanned a nine-year period.

governmentsFlorida transportation officials are stepping back from enforcing a new state law that requires foreign visitors to have an International Driving Permit when they come to the Sunshine State.

governmentsA Florida lawmaker wants bigger beers.

governmentsNorth Carolina is removing thousands of people from its unemployment rolls which will disqualify them from collecting federal unemployment benefits, which would allow up to 47 weeks of additional aid.

OopsTennessee Rep. Steve Cohen confirmed the model he publicly tweeted accidentally during the State of the Union address is his daughter, who he only discovered three years ago.

quotesArizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s friends are mustering supporters to counter a recall effort: “The purpose of the meeting is to muster and organize a ‘shadow army’ of ‘shadow warriors’ that are willing to volunteer their time to stand toe-to-toe at the majority of the locations here in Maricopa County where the paid progressive socialists are collecting petition signatures to recall Sheriff Joe.”

quotesA former Obama campaign spokesman on coverage of sex allegations against New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez: “There’s a point at which you’ve milked a story so much you look like withered boob. Move on.”

politicsHouse Speaker John Boehner says the long list of proposals by Barack Obama at the State of the Union address won’t happen.

doubtfulHouse Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that she opposes a cut in congressional pay because it would diminish the dignity of lawmakers’ jobs.

videoMassachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren takes banking regulators to task.

What maybe the largest municipal fraud case in history has ended.

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