Jester’s Court — February 15, 2013


newsA Stanford Study found that people of a person’s own political ideology are more beautiful.

newsScience says conservatives have a more fearful disposition.

northkoreaNorth Korea has told China that it will conduct one or two more nuclear tests this year.

bizarreRedrawing the 50 United States so they are equal in population for the Electoral College.

politicsCory Booker is now a lock as the next senator from New Jersey.

internationalRussian President Vladimir Putin submitted a bill that would ban Russian Cabinet members and other senior officials from having foreign bank accounts and owning foreign stock.

internationalVenezuelan President Hugo Chavez is still getting treatment in Cuba and wearing a tracheal tube.

ironicAs a meteor explodes over Russia, the U.N. just happens to be holding a conference in Vienna on the dangers of asteroids.

provocativeNew York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that he opposes legalizing marijuana because drug dealers will then sell other drugs like cocaine.

provocativeJohn McCain reveals that the Republican antipathy to Chuck Hagel’s nomination is because of Hagel’s opposition of George W. Bush’s policies.

governmentsOne in six inmates in federal prison is there for marijuana.

governmentsNebraska State Senator Paul Schumacher has proposed a bill that would allow motorcyclists to drive through red traffic lights.

governmentsNew York Rep. Charles Rangel said he plans to introduce legislation that would bring back the military draft and extend it to women for the first time.


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