Jester’s Court — February 18, 2013


chronicledThree presidents who could have changed the U.S., if only they had a little more time.

quotesSarah Palin urges celebrating presidents with “pure motives.”

internationalIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ice cream budget of just under $3,000.

internationalA Belarusian border guard was sentenced to two years in prison for failing to report a border crossing by a Swedish plane that parachuted hundreds of teddy bears into the country carrying pro-democracy protest messages.

internationalPrince Charles’ new armor-plated BMW is also poison proof.

internationalWhen Barack Obama visits Israel next month, he’ll be the first sitting president awarded the Presidential Medal of Distinction.

misfortuneAn Arkansas legislator appeared to experience a medical problem when he was observed speaking and acting incoherently in the House chamber.

OopsA Jersey City Assemblyman has run into trouble after “liking” two offbeat websites on Facebook—one of them dedicated to women with big behinds.

governmentsAfter 148 years, Mississippi has ratified the 13th Amendent abolishing slavery.

governmentsLegislation introduced in Missouri would require legally purchased assault weapons to be turned over to authorities for destruction.

governmentsMississippi’s bill to bring prayer to public schools.

governmentsMontana’s Supreme Court has approved police stops for cars with snow on the license plates.

governmentsDon’t expect to see video coverage of the Supreme Court any time soon.

newsMembers of Congress are taking more and more trips on the tabs of foreign countries.

videoNow Democrats are talking about rape.

videoA New York lawmaker is seeking to ban pub crawls.

New York News | NYC Breaking News

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