Jester’s Court — February 19, 2013


quotes “They always say, we’ll never go house to house to take your guns away. But then you see this, and you have to wonder.”

governmentsNew Hampshire’s House is voting this week on whether lawmakers should get free ski passes.

governmentsStates are increasingly billing adventurers who take unnecessary risks and must be rescued.

governmentsA Missouri legislator has proposed a bill to make it a felony to introduce gun control legislation in the state.

OopsA military-parody site fooled Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell into thinking that Guantanmo detainees might be getting GI Bill benefits.

politicsIndiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock says he hasn’t ruled out another run for political office.

politicsTea Party Patriots said that a fundraising email showing a manipulated photo of GOP operative Karl Rove wearing an S.S. uniform was a mistake that the organization “did not know about or approve.”

provocativeCan New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie shift the politics of climate change?

northkoreaNorth Korea is bringing out its heavy propraganda, calling South Korea a “new-born puppy.”

newsNew York State Sen. Malcolm Smith spent $100,000 in campaign funds on meals, lodging, travel and entertainment last year.

internationalThe head of China’s anti-doping efforts said he was “shocked” after a top World Anti-Doping Agency official alleged that the country produces “99 percent of illegal substances,” but vowed to investigate.

videoTennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn said that she opposes President Obama’s proposal for universal pre-school education because it would mean “more paperwork.”

videoColorado is devising new laws on how to handle legal pot, like how to keep Colorado’s pot out of states where it is illegal.

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