Jester’s Court — February 2, 2013


internationalIran has a new fighter-bomber capable of evading radar. As with most of its military technology claims, it is unverifiable.

internationalIran claims that its monkey really did fly into space and return to earth safely, but one of the pictures released was not of the right monkey.

newsSeventeen percent of Marines state they will quit when women are allowed into combat; ten percent said the same when gays were allowed.

governmentsMaryland debates a proposed state sandwich.

governmentsThe argument for keeping happy hour banned in Massachusetts is that it will uphold the state’s reputation.

governmentsThe hot new job opening is Washington State’s official marijuana consultant.

half-witA former South Carolina legislator was indicted on burglary charges.

provocativeIt’s not getting any better for New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez.

politicsWe have a gerrymandering problem.

bizarreNude activists protest San Francisco’s ban on nudity.

bizarreThe first campaign ad of the 2016 political campaign has already aired, but it’s from Lee Mercer Jr. of Texas. Mercer is a perennial presidential candidate with some major psychological issues. Tip for Mercer: Update your website from 2008 to 2016.

surpriseThe question of what did he know about skeet shooting and when did he do it has finally been answered.


videoMilitary helicopters fly over Miami while firing blanks from machine guns.

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