Jester’s Court — February 20, 2013


northkoreaNorth Korea’s first video game is as good as the rest of the country is run – awful.

governmentsThe Supreme Court will hear a case that the limit on what individuals are allowed to give candidates is an unconstitutional violation of the individual donor’s free speech rights.

governmentsA Kansas bill would raise the amount that legislators can accept from lobbyists.

governmentsFlorida has apologized to English speakers around the world who must drive in Florida.

fashionableThe USPS fashion line.

misfortuneSan Francisco’s ban on plastic bags might be killing people.

foolishFormer New Mexico Sen. Pete Domenici has admitted to fathering a son outside of his marriage “over 30 years” ago. The mother is the daughter of former Nevada Sen. Paul Laxalt.

internationalIran is using sniper teams to kill rats in Tehran.

internationalRussia’s military said it will develop technology to shoot meteors down before the hit Earth.

politicsThe most conservative senator in Congress? Idaho’s James Risch.

quotesBarack Obama: “That fucker is trying to steal a line from my speech.”

videoKentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell is already gearing up for the 2014 elections with the release of this video, and with it the McConnell campaign has a sense of humor at Barack Obama’s expense.

videoJoe Biden’s right: “Buy a shotgun.” But his good advice ends there. Don’t go firing randomly into the night as Biden suggests, and it’s not a good idea to empty a gun when an intruder might be around. Hopefully, he didn’t really suggest this to his wife.

videoAn Ohio nun is being accused of voter fraud.

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