Jester’s Court — February 21, 2013


half-witA county chairwoman in Montana posted a watermelon under a box on her Facebook page as a trap to catch Barack Obama.

newsTexas Sen. Ted Cruz, known for his outspokenness, claims that critics are trying to “silence” him.

governmentsMontana may finally get around to removing its unconstitutional law banning sex between people of the same sex.

governmentsNew Hampshire may make the potato the state vegetable.

governmentsA bill in the Illinois state Senate would require anonymous website commenters to reveal their names.

governmentsThe North Carolina House Rules Committee killed a bill that would have legalized medical marijuana, an effort by House leaders to stem a tide of phone calls and emails on the topic.

governmentsA Missouri legislator’s bill would send colleagues to prison for proposing legislation limiting collective bargaining rights.

misfortuneThe Virginia General Assembly is plagued by cases of flu, but the legislators are afraid to miss votes because the chamber is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

northkoreaMen and women in North Korea may not be able to cut their hair in trendy, new styles, as the country launched a campaign allowing women to choose from 18 different “officially sanctioned” hairstyles, while men get to choose from just 10.

politicsHillary Clinton leads Republican opponents in red states ranging from Texas to Alaska to Georgia in a poll for the 2016 presidential election.

politicsSenator Bachmann.

factsAccording to this report, 1,700 Texas inmates are collecting unemployment.

factsBill Clinton has broken into the top ten of the wealthiest American presidents.

foolishDon’t take Joe Biden’s advice on firing a shotgun if you suspect an intruder might be around. It might get you into prison.

videoKid President. The best starts at about 1:20.

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