Jester’s Court — February 22, 2013


politicsAt the Republican Party’s Conservative Political Action Conference, gay groups will once again be banned from attending.

politicsNearly half of Americans would blame the GOP for the sequester while less than one third would blame Obama.

politicsFormer First Lady Laura Bush wants her pro-same sex marriage comments removed from a pro-gay rights ad campaign.

governmentsColorado may repeal its adultery and “sexual immorality” law criminalizing unmarried people having sex.

governmentsAn Oklahoma bill would exempt guns or ammunition made in the state from federal regulations.

governmentsThe House version of the Violence Against Women Act omits LGBT protections and modified language for Native American victims of domestic abuse.

governmentsVermont has become the anti-vaccine state.

governmentsThe FBI is concerned about its agent’s sexting, dating drug dealers and paying for sex.

governmentsThe U.S. government is going to drop toxic mice onto Guam to kill the snakes.

newsThe U.S. has deployed troops to Niger.

kudosA pro-life Oklahoma legislator stands up for abortion clinics.

inappropriateJohn McCain would have done well not to “straight talk” this time.

internationalChina announced that it would implement a tax on carbon dioxide emissions.

internationalDid a secretive gay lobby cause the Pope to resign?

internationalPakistani police registered an accusation from a businessman that the country’s ambassador to the United States had committed blasphemy, a crime that carries the death penalty.

internationalAl-Qaeda’s 22 tips for dodging drone attacks.

bizarreAdolf Hitler is three wins for three elections in India.

foolishOne ultrasound for women seeking an abortion in Indiana is not enough. A bill has been introduced there to require an ultrasound, most likely a transvaginal ultrasound, before and after an abortion.

videoBarack Obama is a bloodthirsty alien who wants to eat you.

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